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Youth Food Council

The installation of the very first Youth Food Council on 9 October 2020 within Terra College is part of all kinds of sustainable activities. With the foundation “De New Lifestyle” – initiator of the Council – this meeting was organized at the Sugar terrain in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands on Sustainability Day. The day after the Dutch Food Week started, so the best opportunity to work on food, diversity, short chains, waste, health, to pay attention to economic and other aspects of food.

The council, existing of 10 Terra MBO and 4 Alfa College students, started their dialogue with administrators, producers, educators, researchers, policy workers – all of them too are consumers – on issues arising from a prior investigation of our Minstry of Agriculture, nature and food and several articles abour Sustainable food systems from Wageningen University. In doing so, they also establish the link between the scientific research and the approach of higher education and VET.

The Youth Food Council is invited to play a driving and critical role from the perspective of young people, to give education about food and food production a boost and optimally geared to the challenges and issues surrounding, among other things nitrogen problems, circular agriculture, food quality and availability and short chains.

Food youth council (Dutch)


Project started

As a result of COVID we couldn’t meet each other face-to-face. Therefor the project started during the first week of december with an online meeting of the partners in which they presented themselves. Every partner presented their institute, their main goals considering the project and a project they are very proud off .

This was a good way to meet each other and start the exchange of innovative practices, while this is one of the main actvities of the project. During the project we will discuss and exchange these good practises in more detail to obtain the main goals of the project: to attract more students and other target groups by renewal of the curriculum considering the Sustainable Development Goals.

The following projects were presented:

  • Terra – Netherlands – Regional learning and Food Council of Young People
  • Green Academy – Denmark – European Platform Urban Greening
  • CITAVERDE – Netherlands -Marketing automation software
  • SAVONIA – Finland -ERDI Empowering Regional Development and Innovations and MultiPro Module for Future Professionals
  • CIFEA – Spain – International Development Cooperation and Sustainable Food Production and consumption
  • INTREEGUE – Netherlands -Cooperative benchmark SustsainaBul VET

Main Instutional goals :

  • Renewed vision and strategy of our institute for more studente, opportunities and perspective
  • To reach new target groups and broaden the type of students
  • To attract more learners
  • Exchange of innovative practices
  • To get inspired and bring inspriation to the partners
  • To become a sustainable organization in more than one way
  • To meet new people and partnes