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Mission and vision of Yuverta

Yuverta started at the beginning of this schoolyear from a merger of three different educatonial institutes. It represents 20 different VET schools in the South of the Netherlands.

During the preperation of the merger a new common mission, vision and strategy was developed based on quality and sustainability. During our TPM in the Netherlands at the beginning of October the head of the communication department Yvonne Coolen presented the new mission, vision and strategy to the PROGRESS partners.

Yuverta believes in Naure Based Solutions. The inspirational research and film of the Wageningen University of the Netherlands which give us a perspective of the Netherlands in 2120 was there main inspirational source.

The Sustainable Devlopment Goals and the Whole School Approach are used as guidelines to implement theire ambtions and goals within the schools.


  • 80%  of Yuverta’s stakeholders will take part in the realisation of at least 4 SDG’s within their region.
  • The SDG’s are integrated in all curricula in the experience of  80% of all our students and other stakeholders.
  • 90% of our colleagues will experience that Yuverta’s human resource policy is aimed on sustainable employability.
  • Yuverta is on the highest ranking on sustainable business operations in (secondary) vocational education.

Are you interested in the full presentation?

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Make Tomorrow Green

Terra MBO has launched a new campaign to attrackt more students and new types of students to their schools in Groningen, Meppel, Emmen, Winschoten and Assen in the North of the Netherlands.

The campaign ‘Make Tomorrow Green’ is based on the Green worlds concept as described in an earlier post on this site.

It guides students through several multimedia information and opportunities to get acquainted with the the different programs Terra has to offer. Students can read about the several programs, canb download a flyer, the schools can be visited during several study choice events, youngsters can experience what it’s like to study by joining for one day and they can make a appointment online for personal advice.

Are you interested. Go to the website and look at alle the infomation and video’s.

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