Vision & Ambitions

Towards a sustainable school

CIFEA de Molina de Segura in Spain worked on ideas becoming a sustainable school in 2026. Their mission:

Education is the way , and we can offer you a wide range of
reasons to be part of our sustainable community. Learn
and be free. Vocational education is your way.

Juan Carlos Garcia Salvador

Main challenge regarding this mission is that students should feel that they are part of the solution. The VET students have to feel useful for a sustainable society and the school should give them the tools to make the students feel like this.

The first ideas of CIFEA de Molina de Segura were presented during our meeting in Spain and they can be found in this presentation.

[Picture Gerd Altmann via Pixabay]

Vision & Ambitions

Why is green education important?

The European Union is encouraging the education and training sector to take action to contribute to the green transition and to strengthen the sustainability competences of all learners.

Learners of all ages need to be able to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to live more sustainably, change patterns of consumption and to contribute to a greener future. Education and training have a key role to play in supporting people to move from awareness about the environment to individual and collective action.

A growing number of initiatives and actions on climate change, biodiversity and sustainability are taking place across Europe in education and training. However, despite progress and growing public interest, learning for environmental sustainability is not yet a systemic feature of education policy and practice in the EU. 

Are you interested to contribute and cooperate? Go to the Green education initiatives page of the European Commission for further information.

Vision & Ambitions WSA

Mission and vision of Yuverta

Yuverta started at the beginning of this schoolyear from a merger of three different educatonial institutes. It represents 20 different VET schools in the South of the Netherlands.

During the preperation of the merger a new common mission, vision and strategy was developed based on quality and sustainability. During our TPM in the Netherlands at the beginning of October the head of the communication department Yvonne Coolen presented the new mission, vision and strategy to the PROGRESS partners.

Yuverta believes in Naure Based Solutions. The inspirational research and film of the Wageningen University of the Netherlands which give us a perspective of the Netherlands in 2120 was there main inspirational source.

The Sustainable Devlopment Goals and the Whole School Approach are used as guidelines to implement theire ambtions and goals within the schools.


  • 80%  of Yuverta’s stakeholders will take part in the realisation of at least 4 SDG’s within their region.
  • The SDG’s are integrated in all curricula in the experience of  80% of all our students and other stakeholders.
  • 90% of our colleagues will experience that Yuverta’s human resource policy is aimed on sustainable employability.
  • Yuverta is on the highest ranking on sustainable business operations in (secondary) vocational education.

Are you interested in the full presentation?

Marketing & Communication Vision & Ambitions

The worlds of green

One of the main issues green agricultural schools are facing is attracting enough students to fulfil the needs of a diverse and rapidly changing green work field. But instead of an increase of the inflow of students most green schools face a decline of students.

The Dutch green schools are cooperating in Groenpact to act on this challenge. Katapult one of the partners of GroenPact published a Green of Worlds concept based on research and experience of companies, schools and governmental organisations in the Dutch Green sector.

Eight green world that reflect the broad spectrum of contexts in which employees are working in this sector. Are you interested in these world. Please go there website read the stories and explore the world of green.