Cultural week “To your health”

In the last course, the CIFEA DE MOLINA in Spain organized a cultural week with the topic “to your health”. Our objective was to attract the students´ interest in food technology, healthy alimentation and Foodtopia, another way to understand the sustainability in the production of dishes. That week all students and teachers had an innovation experience, knowing how we must feed in three important aspects, food composition, food technology and food sustainability.

Every day we are eating, and this activity is important for personal and social development and has consequences for the environment. Foodtopia is the idea of a new concept in alimentation, using vegetables out of commercial categories but with all standards of quality. Are you sure that you need a marvellous pepper or could be enough one with some commercial faults? How many vegetables do we need to take out the rubbish? Is your salad to eat or to see?

With the dissemination of this week, we had the opportunity to increase our impact on the local and regional society. This is an example of good practices understanding how the school is a part of the sustainable society and world. We do not need more we have enough to live.

The full presentation about this initiative: VIEW PRESENTATION

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