Good Practice La Moraleja Spain

This good practice about zero miles food (km 0) clearly expresses how the whole school approach gives a new vision to integrate sustainability issues structurally and coherently into the school organization. The green school (livestock & agriculture) is giving shape to education for a sustainable future.

“On the trail of a sustainable community in food production” is their vision when they talk about a sustainable society.

Really when we are doing the weekly shopping, are we thinking about where our food is produced? Is the farm close or far from the supermarket? What is the environmental impact of my food?

We need an answer to all these questions, awareness for C02 footprint reduction and making our daily life more sustainable.

The school environment is the key, because the opinion of students, teachers, society and stakeholders (farmers & cattle breeders), cooperate and give us their point of view about zero miles food and make a commitment for the future. Look at the video in our video series!

Are you ready?

Let’s go, think local go global.

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