The following outputs will be delivered during the project . The public outcomes can be downloaded from here as soon as they are ready.

Main Intellectual output IO 01 Promoting Green Skills and Schools. Good practices and recommendations

This intellectual output contains a collection of good practises and recommendations from the different partner countries on how to promote and attract new urban/multicultural students and lifelong learners to green agricultural schools related to the several components of the Whole School Approach to Sustainable Development.

Every partner will develop, collect and describe the good practices in their own school and the green agriculture institutes on secondary, tertiary and higher level in their regional and national network.

This will be done by desk research and through interviews/questionnaires regarding the following scope of questions:

  • What kind of problems do you have with the inflow of students (amount and type of students)?
  • How does this relate to the job market, sustainable development and green skills needed?
  • What are the consequences of these problems?
  • What kind of actions, solutions and tools are you working on from the perspective of Whole School Approach to Sustainable Development?
  • What results did you achieve already?
  • What seems to be a good approach and which are the main pitfalls?
  • What are your future plans? Which actions will be undertaken?
  • What is your advice to other green agriculture schools with the same problems?
Additional outputs

In addition to our main intellectual output the following additional outputs will be delivered:

  1. Project Management Handbook ( AO1 – not public)
  2. Project brand manual (AO2 – not public)
  3. Needs Analysis (AO3 – public summary)
  4. Dissemination Strategy and guidelines (AO4 – public)
  5. Dissemination plan (AO5 – not public))
  6. Quality management and evaluation strategy (AO6 – not public)
  7. Project website http://greenprogress.eu/
  8. Interim and final report (AO8 – not public)
  9. Overall Risk Analysis (AO9 – public)
  10. Partner specific Risk Analysis (AO10 – not public)
  11. Action plan for further development (AO11 – public summary)
  12. Project Archive (AO12 not public)
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