By the renewal of our Green Agricultural Schools with the Whole School Approach for Sustainable Development, we are aiming at attracting more students and new target groups to our  schools to fulfill the rising needs of the renewed labor market and our  Circular Economy.

Our Story

The new green economy needs a lot of new workers but the number of students entering the green agricultural schools is dropping steadily.

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The Consortium consists of 5 green educational institutes from 4 different European countries and one educational consultancy partner .

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Main output of the project is an interactive collection of good practices related to the project goals and the different partner countries.

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Several kinds of (online) meetings will be organised during the project.

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Listen to our Podcast series

Episode 1 - Austria
Karolina Sikala - Green Academy Denmark
Episode 2 - Luxembourg
Karolina Sikala - Green Academy Denmark
Episode 3 - Hungary
Karolina Sikala - Green Academy Denmark

View our Video series

Episode 1: Eday Green Acadamy Denmark
Michael Sejer
Michael Sejer - Denmark
Episode 2: Zero Food Miles in CIFEA de Molina in Spain
Juan Carlos García Salvador - Spain
Episode 3: Professionalisation of teachers in Albania
Sophie van Kasteren - Netherlands
Episode 4: Summer Camp Green Academy Denmark
Anne Marie Thomassen - Denmark
Episode 5: Empowerment women in Spanish VET school Extremadura
Juan Carlos García Salvador - Spain
Episode 6: Virtual tour to YSAO school in Finland
Inka Nykänen - Finland
Episode 7: Curriculum & Didactics at Cifea Lorca in Spain
Juan Carlos García Salvador - Spain
Episode 8: Portrait of Cifea de Torro Pacheco in Spain
Juan Carlos García Salvador - Spain

Latest project developments


Project started

As a result of COVID we couldn’t meet each other face-to-face. Therefor the project started during the first week of december with an online meeting

Whole School Aproach to Sustainable Development

We use the Whole School Approach to Sustainable Development as framework for our development activities in the project. Click on Read more to find out what the framework is all about!

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