Student trends CIFEA of Molina in Spain

CIFEA of Molina

CIFEA de Molina de Segura is an agricultural school in Murcia region in Spain. The school offers Vocational education, lifelong learning and occupational training for unemployed people. All education is related to the food industry or Security and environment sector on EQF3 or EQF4 level. The canning industry is important in the region and the school offers a professional program for manufacture for canned vegetables.  Examples of new trainings are related to drones, vertical gardens and aquaponics.  A complete overview of the educational program at CIFEA the Molina can be found  through the website of CIFEA of Molina.

Juan Carlos Garcia Salvador form CIFEA de Molina researched student trends in recent years. He concluded that

  1. CIFEA needs to make more efforts to attract new students in courses for low EQF levels (medium degree) than in other upper EQF levels (higher degree).
  2. Campaigns to attract new students must be designed and directed towards women and men at the same time, taking care of gender equality. During the last years, the number of women enrolments is growing up faster than men. VET is attractive for women.
  3. Thee target group of the school have an age between 18 – 26 years old and the actions of dissemination therefore should  use communication channels for young people. For these groups it´s also important to open possibilities for online learning with some lessons or activities (audio-visual & online teaching materials). Activities must also be directed to sustainability and equality issue.
  4. It might also be profitable to increase the efforts to attract foreign students to VET. The school must be an space for social integration and need to increase skills to work in multicultural teams. In the region of Murcia there are many students that are born in other countries but have the Spanish nationality.
  5. Students from urban areas are more unstable than students from non-urban areas. In periods whit a low level of enrolments the recruitment efforts must be directed to urban students.

More detailed presentation can be downloaden here.

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