Rural Professions Assocation Maaseutu ammattiin in Finland

The Rural professions association Maaseutu ammattiin is a long term cooperation between schools (primary, secondary and vet-schools), green sector companies and municipalities in the agricultural sector.

Aim of the association is to promote the availability of new entrepreneurs and skilled professionals for forestry and agriculture as well as to increase the awareness and networking of the field.

Association Maaseutu ammattiin is organizing visits for the students of secondary schools. Mostly pupils who are 7th, 8th and 9th grade. Visits are to the farms, green houses, forest, companies etc. The purpose is to show what kind of professionals are working on the countryside. And also to give the pupils opportunity to try if our educations are for them. Also teachers belong to the target group.

This association has worked for 10 years. By doing this, pupils get realistic view of modern farms and other possibilities to work on the countryside. This association is working now just in Northern Savo but also other areas are interested in their work. Spreading to other areas?

The results of this ccoperation is that the schools gets more and more motivated students

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