Sustainable renewal of a school building

Ivo Dassen, coördinator management and maintenance of Yuverta presented all the renewal actions they have taken at the school to make the building and grounds more sustainable.

The action are related to several issues and SDGs:

Lighting: Implementing flexible and automatic led lighting

·  Rainwater: collection, storage and disposal

·  Grounds: greening the schoolgrounds (see former post)

·  Roof: biodiverse tiled roof

·  Interior: flexible, maintainable teaching area

·  Floors: new from recycle materials

Got the full presentation to fetch new ideas for your own school.


During the presentation Ivo gave some recommendations

  • Practice what we educate. So if you want your students to think more sustainable then also create an inspiring sustainable learning environment.
  • Use maintenance and management information withing your lessons so students can learn from the collected data of their own school environment.
  • Connect with professional partners with experience in the field like Signify Phillips when thinking about lighting.
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